Reviews of Zombies & Trains!

Zombies & Trains has been out for a couple weeks now, and I just wanted to list some of the great reviews it got!

  • 148apps: 4/5 – “Simple yet satisfying, what can possibly beat squashing zombies with trains?”
  • Gamezebo: 4/5 – “This is a title you’ll keep coming back to.”
  • technologytell: 4/5 – “Forget snakes on a plane, we’ve got Zombies & Trains!”
  • Everyday Gamers: 4/5 – “Zombies & Trains is a fantastic mobile game.”
  • Gamers Temple: 4/5 – “It’s an enjoyable game built on a simple and unique premise that you’ll find yourself coming back to play again and again.”
  • Apps Looking: 4/5 – “Brutal? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.”
  • Apple’N'Apps: 4/5 – “Zombies & Trains is a should buy and it is time to jump on board of because this entertaining gore fest is leaving the station.”
  • BioGamer Girl: 7/10 – “With plenty of power-ups and equipment to utilize in-game and a variety of game modes to try out, Zombies & Trains is bloody good fun.”
  • ZTGD: 7/10 – “If you’re a fan of iOS games that you can play in short bursts without much investment, Zombies and Trains is a solid option for only .99 cents.”
  • TUAW: “The idea of a train at full speed running through a herd of zombies is really just too good to pass up.”
  • Mashable: Listed on their “5 Games You Should Play This Weekend” next to Dead Space 3, Fire Emblem Awakening, Mega Man 2 and Worms!

And the reviews keep coming too!

Zombies & Trains! Out on Android!

Zombies & Trains! is now out on Android, on both Google Play and Amazon Appstore! Check it out!

Zombies & Trains! Released on iOS!

Zombies & Trains! is now released on iPhone and iPad! Check it out!

Get  iPhone Version

Get  iPad Version

Up and running on a lot of devices!

Zombies & Trains! is up and running on a lot of devices!

Too much time went into setting up that picture!

Release date for Zombies & Trains! on iOS

Zombies & Trains! is approved by Apple for iPhone & iPad. On track for Feb. 7. release!

Get ready to smash some zombies!

Zombies & Trains! Screenshots

Here are some new official screenshots from Zombies & Trains!

Zombies & Trains! – Official Trailer

The official trailer of our upcoming game, Zombies & Trains!

Best viewed in HD!

For more information, check out the Zombies & Trains! website!


First screenshots of Zombies & Trains!

Here’s the first couple of screenshots of our upcoming new game, Zombies & Trains!

Zombies & Trains! on Facebook

Zombies & Trains! is coming along nicely. We are adding in all the little details into the game as I write this post. To prepare for its launch, we have created a Facebook page for it, where you can get a sneak peak at how it looks!

Check it out here:

Welcome to Dragonhead Games!

We are a new indie-game developer from Norway, founded by two brothers, Vidar and Tor Martin Kristiansen. We hope to surprise you with some awesome games in the near future!

We are hard at work on Zombies & Trains! A zombie smashing frenzy to be available for PC and Mac as well as mobile devices.

So stay tuned, and watch this blog, as we will start revealing cool things about this project in the coming months!

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